1:1 Enneagram Coaching


+ discover exactly who you are, at both the ego and the Soul level
+ uncover your deepest fear about life and overcome it for good
+ meet the voice in your head (your Ego) and learn how to control it
+ get a crystal clear picture of your Soul’s highest good and reason for being
+ access deep wisdom of the Enneagram and how it applies to your spiritual path
+ self-diagnose when you’re in or out of alignment with your Soul
+ understand your true purpose for being and get a step-by-step plan for how to embody it


With this deep dive into your unique sacred psychology, you’ll get:

+ a Soul-Guided diagnostic test
+ an in-depth training on how the Enneagram applies to your emotions, relationships, and success in life
+ a customized 7-page report on your personality (ego) type and Soul essence
+ a private 60min 1:1 Coaching Session on your unique Soul essence

This is your customized plan for awakening.

The Enneagram is an ancient personality test (with mystical, mysterious roots) designed to show you exactly what your own personal Ego game is really about, as well as what your true Essence is for Being. With 9 different personality types and 54 variations, this stuff goes DEEP. Why? Because it uncovers your very deepest fear (that you probably don’t even know about) and YOUR UNIQUE, STEP-BY-STEP PATH TO LIBERATION.

Your $200 package includes everything you need to uncover your Soul’s essence.

I’ve been studying the Enneagram for 4 years and have coached hundreds of people through this sacred psychology. The results are so powerful that I’ve decided to offer this package (valued at $249) to you for $200 (20% off!).  If you’re ready to meet your ego and embody your essence, this one’s for you!


The deep dive into the Enneagram has shined a light on what my ego really is. As a Two (The Helper), I am not a boastful person naturally but I am pleased to help others. I can go overboard with that and do that too much, which results in self-sacrificing my needs for others and sometimes feeling resentment when I’m not given the same in return. Working through this with Kelly has helped to bring my life into focus, back to where I was trying to be something for others, and what I specifically need to believe in myself. I sought the approval of so many others that I never thought of myself. Did I like myself? Did I even like what I was doing? By limiting myself and not understanding my ego, I effectively cut off my own growth. Regardless of the opinion of others, I now understand and pursue what lights up my Soul. With this knowledge, I am able to take back my power, my personal power, in ways I never could before.

: Kelsey P.

After diving deep into the Enneagram, it became very apparent to me that as a Nine (the Peacemaker) I didn’t know how to deal with change. In fact, I almost didn’t want to move forward in life or look deeper within because I felt comfortable just as I was. I didn’t want to create my own personal conflict. For example, many people have said to me that I’m very “go with the flow” in life, and I loved hearing that. I would say things like “I don’t care” or “it doesn’t matter” to things that DID MATTER and to things I wanted to say no to. Now, I can say no. I realized that I was trying to control life by not making decisions. I know, that sounds weird. I don’t like change. So disengaging from these intense impulses and feelings was a way to maintain inner stability. I thought that if I didn’t have to make a decision, I could avoid change. But by doing so, I ended up neglecting my true essence. I’ve realized that when I let go of trying to control and resist the present moment, I can be the Peacemaker who brings peace and healing into the world.

: Holly H.