The Animal Medicine Retreat






In today’s global world, many of us feel isolated, lonely, and divided. The fast-paced nature of our daily life has us overworked, stressed out, and disconnected from our Truth. Just like fad-dieting, we’re fad-spiritualing, looking for the next yoga posture, mantra, framework, book, Ted Talk, or whatever else we can find that might actually “flip the switch” for us and bring us back home to ourselves.

It comes as a surprise then to hear that there are literally billions of living beings among us, here on Earth, who live in daily, embodied connection with the planet, who move with the cycles of the seasons, and who act from the intuition of their true nature…



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Experience a completely new way of going on retreat — among animals in a farm animal sanctuary. Through yoga, meditation, contemplative prayer, holistic nutrition, animal connection, and much more, we’ll become immersed in the animal kingdom and experience radical healing through their teachings.

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As real-life soul sisters in deep exploration of our own spiritual journeys, we found ourselves naturally transitioning to veganism within the same year. This choice has called us to commune more deeply with the animals through retreat, and we are overcome with grace and gratitude for those that join us as we share love with our animal friends.


Usui Reiki Master, Energy Healer
Founder, Awaken Your Chakras

Kelly’s healing approach is derived from her own life experience of healing mental and physical health issues naturally. In 2016, after years of battling depression, anxiety, and gastrointestinal illness, Kelly started seeing a naturopath who identified a variety of allergies including gluten, chicken, and — the worst news for a long-time vegetarian — dairy. This revelation set Kelly off on a healing journey to uncover the truth behind dairy, quickly realizing that the dairy industry challenged many other areas Kelly was passionate about, including environmentalism, economic justice, and even feminism.

Kelly soon realized how much healing really can happen through nature — so she left Manhattan and set off to Costa Rica to live and teach in a plant-based retreat center. Her heart began to expand for all creatures and creation (despite the cheese cravings), and she noticed her meditation and yoga practice began to deepen. As a certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor and Usui Reiki Master, Kelly’s reconnection with animal life has convinced her of two things: nature is our greatest healer and it is truly in our nature to heal.

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Vinyasa, Nidra, and Yin Yoga Teacher
Co-Owner, Balanced Planet Yoga

Kate’s spiritual evolution started back in 2011. She took up a daily physical practice of yoga & from that got certified to teach in 2012. Kate’s dedication to “the work” led her to co-creating a sacred space in Marlton, NJ – Balanced Planet Yoga. As her journey progressed, Kate intuitively decided to go vegetarian (one of her teachers said it would help with her handstands, and she was willing to try anything!). With time, she listened even more deeply to her body, learning that dropping dairy and going vegan would be the optimal choice for her health and wellbeing.

Kate is certified in 5 styles of yoga, both physical and more metaphysical-based practices, as a way to encourage her students to be their own healers through a wide variety of spiritual disciplines. When her decision to go plant-based started showing such positive and immediate effects on her health, Kate started sharing more with her community. She started researching the truth behind food, feeling an overwhelming compassion for animals, and hosting benefit events for dog shelters in her community… now revolutionizing what “Balanced Planet” really means for her.

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We’ll send over more details as soon as we have them.

With deepest prayers for your highest healing,

Kelly + Kate