A devotional journey together, where I bow to you






Working with me is a pilgrimage to your Sacred Heart within.

I bow at the feet of your sovereignty.

I walk alongside you to the temple of your own inner knowing as…

…an energetic alchemist of your sorrows and joys,
…an abiding witness to your unique medicine for the world, and
…a ceremonialist for your Divinity.


that we all have space for more Love in our hearts, and that we can literally love ourselves to liberation. I believe that what we have survived can help us thrive, and that our pain shows us who we actually are and what we actually want. I believe our ascension is inevitable. I believe in holistic healing: sometimes we need deep self care and gentleness, and sometimes we need tough love and sacred rage. It’s all part of it. I believe that when we allow ourselves to heal, we realize that we really do we have all the wisdom we need to bring Heaven to Earth.
This isn’t a dream — it’s the invitation.
And it truly is addressed to you.


My 1:1 program isn’t about coaching or guiding you to anything other than your own Divinity. Working with me is like entering into personal ceremony — into space within space, time within time — a sacred container for authentic sharing, radical ritual, deep healing, and your divine transfiguration. This is why:

I heal activists — by bringing them home to the healing power within.

I activate healers — by initiating them into deeper levels of integrity as they hold space for others.

I serve the compassionate — for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.


As a mystery school teacher and devotional guide, I bridge the revelatory wisdom and teachings of energy healing, social justice, plant medicine, elemental wisdom, mindfulness, spiritual philosophy, meditation, and intentional living practices to illuminate your deepest desires and actualize your highest good.

I share my devotion for all aspects of your being as we journey together. Sessions may include serving:

THE BODY: breathwork + energy healing + ancestral/cultural somatic healing
THE MIND: guided meditation + contemplative activism + spiritual philosophy
THE SPIRIT: prayer + intention setting + ritual practice
THE ETHER: plant medicine + astrology + elemental wisdom


I offer three devotional pathways to your highest healing.

Spaces are limited and offered on a rolling basis.
Inquire within + then apply below.


$333 for 3 months
(15% off value)

  • 2 90min Energy Healing Sessions (initial + closing)
  • 4 90min Coaching Calls 
  • 1 Cleansing Bundle from The Chakra Shop
  • Unlimited Access in Email + Text


$497 for 3 months
(22% off value)

  • 2 90min Energy Healing Sessions (initial + closing)
  • 6 90min Coaching Calls (2 per month)
  • Unlimited Access in Email + Text
  • 1 Juicy Set from The Chakra Shop
  • Custom Resource Library


$444 for 6 months
(33% off value)

  • 2 90min Energy Healing Sessions (initial + closing)
  • 12 90min Coaching Calls (2 per month)
  • Unlimited Access in Email + Text
  • 1 Chakra Box from The Chakra Shop
  • 10% Off Retreat Coupon
  • Custom Resource Library


    “Kelly is the perfect doula for deeply spiritual -no bs- people. I started working with Kelly because her words captivated my mind and her presence captivated my soul. I had been looking for an honest spiritual mentor, someone who wasn’t just repeating the “it” topics in the “spirit department”. I needed to work with someone down to earth but not mundane, someone empathetic but not patronizing and someone with a deep spiritual practice who didn’t just recommend moving to the top a mountain to live happily ever after. Kelly is all that and more.

    Her work is impeccable. Her caring for your path and your soul is unbelievable. She embodies the sister archetype as well as the coach archetype… deeply loving, not codependent. She embodies the feminine curiosity and the masculine structure in a very unique and powerful way. That was the secret to my success in this higher level of self-knowledge.

    Working with her has helped me reconcile my Catholic faith (that I was very close to abandon because all of the harm it has made) and my mystic spirituality, fearlessly embracing my new way of being a healer in the world and aligning my very demanding mind with my very sensitive soul.”


    “The mentorship path that Kelly and I walk together has been such a gift!  Kelly holds a strong and safe container where I can pray, laugh, cry, and honor the depths of both my suffering and my sovereignty.  

    My work with Kelly has brought clarity to my path as an activist and a healer, and allowed me to feel grounded and confident as I lean into new expressions of my vocation as a student of energy and content creator.  I feel consistently seen, heard, and held with tenderness by Kelly, and having her supportive has been pivotal in navigating many life changes over the past months.

    As I continue to journey in life, I know I will reflect back on my mentorship with Kelly as one of the most potent catalysts for my deep inner healing and personal and professional expansion.”


    “I had been on a journey in recent years to heal my health, my inner spiritual being and to connect with my life purpose. After attending the life changing experience of the Awaken Your Chakras Retreat I finally understood that I have the power to heal myself and that I no longer had to search externally for the healing that I needed. However, I felt as if I was standing in the middle of road to my healing path with no sense of direction.

    Kelly’s 1:1 mentorship has been the compass and guiding light that has helped me to understand myself on a deeper level. This process has illuminated the deep spiritual work that I need to do, and she has provided me with the tools and direction to excavate the issues, work through them and release. It also has jump started the ancestral healing that needs to be done and I see evidence of that frequently.

    Throughout this process Kelly has been a wonderful teacher; I am in awe of her extensive knowledge and her ability to convey all that she has learned in a practical, logical, relatable and compassionate manner. I can’t wait to see where this continuous magical healing journey will lead me. I am grateful that Kelly is by my side.”



    I had the honor to attend Awaken Your Chakras Retreat 2018 with Kelly in Costa Rica. I was called into this experience in the midst of a number of life transitions. I had just left a job — a role abundant with opportunities for community-centered justice, but also abundant with toxicity and secondary trauma. I was mourning the missed possibilities, processing the lessons from nearly seven years of work and trying to release the trauma stored in the fibers of my body. I hungered for more spaciousness, the ability to move open-hearted into my next role — what I found with Kelly was beyond my conscious desires. I found a lifelong mentor, sister and friend truly aligned in the collective liberation of our world.

    The retreat ignited a fire in my spirit and I’ve continued to kindle this fire through a 1on1 journey with Kelly; our intimate work together has cracked open a level of healing I didn’t know was available to me. This journey led me to become my own healer, discover the resources in my body and tap into the interconnected web of support in this world. Over the years, I’ve tried a number of modalities with a variety of unique results, AND this new layer of transformation offers a deeper rootedness and strength for me to cultivate personal and collective healing.”





    I’m a healer, teacher, speaker, and devotee to personal healing and collective liberation. I’ve walked down many paths — as a community organizer for resettled refugees and immigrants, as a nonprofit advocate for college access and poverty alleviation, a sustainability director in the corporate world, and more recently a spiritual seeker in the inner world. Learn more about my journey here.

    My deep exploration, rejection, and reconciliation of my Christian roots led me to the threshold of the mysticism behind all spirituality. It’s from within this mystery that I pray, heal, reflect, and teach. It is through this mystery that I find connection and reverence for all religions and interpretations of the Divine — the many ways in which our human family have tried to know the unknowable.

    I like to talk about the hard stuff — I roll up my sleeves, I’m real, I ask good questions, I make mistakes, and I strive to stay accountable. And, thanks to my healing journey, I now know to make time for the easy stuff — I practice serious self care, I rest a lot, I integrate, and I reflect. I’m a 4 on the Enneagram, which means I often live in the dark places so that I can better see the light.

    I look for the meaning.

    I search for the more.

    I curse.

    I pray.

    I’ll make you laugh.

    And I’ll probably cry before you do.

    The thing is, I love you. 

    I love the Divinity in you, because it still enchants me every time that there really is Divinity in it all. 

    That there’s still Divinity in me.

    That we truly do belong to one another.


    Want to learn more? Schedule a free 20-minute discovery call.