The Plant Medicine Retreat






There is an ancient prophecy that when humankind has lost touch with their hearts, the plant spirits of the Amazon would begin to call people back to the wisdom of Mother Nature.

Just like you, we once heard the call to go to the Sacred Valley. To speak with the plants. To receive the wisdom of Mother Earth. To acknowledge the wisdom that’s already within ourselves. To discover our true nature.


You’re here because, at some level, you’ve heard this same call. And with that, we bow to you. We cherish you. Thank you for listening.

The world needs more people like you — willing to dig deep, to go inward, and to radiate new realities for us all. This is what it means to bring Heaven to Earth. It’s not a utopian idea… it’s a very real invitation, and it’s addressed to you. 


The True Nature Retreat is an eight-day plant medicine immersion designed around the wisdom of the coca (leaf), cacao (raw chocolate), and wachuma (cactus) master teacher plants. Led by Quechuan healers in the enchanting heart of the Sacred Valley in Urubamba, Peru, this plant medicine retreat is designed to bring you back home to who you truly are through yoga, meditation, pilgrimages, sacred ceremony, holistic nutrition, sound healing, nature connection, and so much more.

Imagine experiencing an entire week dedicated to uncovering your True Nature, experiencing ancient ceremonies and sacred journeys that are proven to radically shift, heal, and up level your energetic system. Each day, you’ll be exploring plant medicines that can nourish your body, mind, and spirit: coca for grounding and physical health, cacao for love and emotional wellbeing, and wachuma for wisdom and spiritual growth.



– Local transportation to + from the Cuzco airport and to all sites*
– 7 nights of luxury hotel accommodations in the gorgeous Willka Tika Wellness Spa + Retreat Center
– All of your meals (except for some free afternoons in Cuzco + Pisac)
– Day trip to Cuzco (including transportation, hotel, and dinner – lunch is on your own)
– Day trip to Machu Picchu (including transportation, entry tickets, picnic lunch, and spiritual guide)
– Day trip to Pisac (including transportation – lunch is on your own!)
– Spiritual tours with Quechuan cultural teachers
– Shamanic guidance from Quechuan healers
– 1 Coca Ceremony
– 2 Cacao Ceremonies
– 2 Wachuma Ceremonies

– Daily yoga and/or meditation
– Reflection and integration circles

Your investment:

$2750 single room / $3110 single room*
*Airfare not included


Willka T’ika, or Sacred Flower, is the original premier Luxury Wellness Retreat & Yoga Center of Peru’s Sacred Valley, with convenient access to the renowned world heritage site of Machu Picchu and nearby city of Cusco. Willka T’ika is an exquisite eco-friendly sanctuary for rejuvenation, relaxation and for cultivating optimal well-being. The retreat center is the perfect home base as you explore fresh delicious vegetarian meals, authentic Andean rituals with local healers, guided adventures through Incan sites, elaborate vibrant Chakra Gardens for healing relaxation, state-of-the-art sunlit yoga studios for practice, and 24/7 service from the lovely local Quechua staff.


April 26 – May 4, 2019

  • Fri Apr 26 | Travel Day to Cuzco 
  • Sat Apr 27 | A Day in Cuzco 
  • Sun Apr 28 | Opening Ceremonies
  • Mon Apr 29 | Pilgrimage to Machu Picchu
  • Tue Apr 30 | Wachuma Journey #1
  • Wed May 1 | Wachuma Journey #2
  • Fri May 2 | Integration Day
  • Fri May 3 | A Day in Pisac / Closing Ceremonies
  • Sun May 4 | Travel Day out of Cuzco

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Learning from these teachers has been one of the great privileges of our spiritual journey. We are grateful for their wisdom and friendship and look forward to the days where we can sit together in circle once again.


Medicine Woman

Qori is a Quechuan healer from the Sacred Valley who deeply listens to the energies of the Apus (mountains, masculine energy) and of Pachamama (earth, feminine energy) to channel powerful messages for people who journey from around the world to experience her healing. Qori works with a variety of plant medicines and will be leading our coca and huachuma ceremonies.

Qori refers to herself a tejedor, or “weaver”, and sees every relationship, session, and ceremony to be part of a larger vision for literally weaving the New Earth into reality. 



    Spiritual Guide

    Julian is a Quechuan wisdom keeper who lives in Cuzco and travels throughout Peru excavating, learning, and teaching about the mystic origins of the Incan and Pre-Incan cultures.

    Julian is the co-founder of Runa Ñan Peru Healing Travel, a sacred travel company that works closely with native Andean communities and connects people from around the world to their wisdom. His life’s work is to share the knowledge and traditions of the Andean communities, inspiring people to relearn the sacred practices of their ancestors and reconnect to the medicine of the plants.


      As real-life soul sisters in deep exploration of our own spiritual journeys, we are grateful to be welcoming you into our family and to be walking alongside you.


      Usui Reiki Master, Energy Healer
      Founder, Awaken Your Chakras

      Kelly’s healing approach is derived from her own life experience of healing mental and physical health issues naturally. After years of battling depression and anxiety, Kelly traveled to Peru in May 2017 to work with plant medicine in the Shipibo shamanic tradition in search of emotional and spiritual healing. She returned a year later with her sister Kate to support her in more radical approaches for transmuting her thyroid cancer. 

      As a certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor and Usui Reiki Master, Kelly has learned how to live, teach, and integrate mindfulness, yogic philosophy, meditation, breathwork, yoga, energy healing, plant medicine, and intentional living practices with hundreds of beautiful people around the world. Her results have convinced her of two things: nature is our greatest healer and it is truly in our nature to heal.

      Click here to learn more about Kelly and her work at Awaken Your Chakras.

        KATE MOATS

        Vinyasa, Nidra, and Yin Yoga Teacher
        Co-Owner, Balanced Planet Yoga

        Kate’s spiritual evolution started back in 2011. She took up a daily physical practice of yoga & from that got certified to teach in 2012. Kate’s dedication to “the work” lead her to co creating a sacred space in Marlton, NJ – Balanced Planet Yoga.

        Kate is certified in 5 styles of yoga both physical and more metaphysical-based practices as a way to encourage her students to be their own healers through a wide variety of spiritual disciplines. Her first trip to Peru was in May 2018, where she worked with plant medicine in an effort to holistically transmute her thyroid cancer.

        Kate’s passion for balance within the body and the environment has inspired her to help others down this path of mindful wellness and healthy living.

        Click here to learn more about Kate and her work at Balanced Planet Yoga.


          True Nature is designed for serious spiritual seekers. It is not simply a retreat — it is an intentional healing journey. We are merging transformative practices in plant medicine, meditation, breathwork, and yoga to create the space for deep healing and awakening. The retreat will be breathtaking, beautiful, nourishing, fun, and eye-opening. But it also will push you to your edge. It will move you out of your comfort zone. It will usher in major revelations for new ways of living and being.

          Since we will be working with master plants and ancient Andean wisdom, it requires careful preparation and planning to ensure your health and safety far in advance of the retreat, as well as ensuring participants and understand and respect the indigenous teachings. This experience will involve dietary restrictions and changes to your lifestyle before, during, and after the retreat (i.e. eliminating alcohol and drugs, as well as reducing caffeine, sugar, and animal product intake).

          It is for this reason that we have decided to offer this retreat on an application-only basis, as a way to ensure the overall health, safety, and healing for everyone involved.

          $2750 single room / $3110 single room*
          *Airfare not included


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