Personal healing for collective liberation






When we work on the level of vibration in our bodies (which is what energy healing is), we are working at the level of the root cause. Making a commitment to exploring this energy within creates the space for literal miracles to occur in our lives. Releasing physical pain. Overcoming emotional trauma. Getting mentally clear. Receiving spiritual guidance. 

Just by exploring these sessions below, you’re opening yourself up to the flow of universal life force energy and the miraculous possibilities of your own consciousness. I humbly offer my sacred service to the Divinity that is you.


measure your energetic health


This 30min check-in is a great way to get a quick read on your energetic system and get to know my healing practice. We’ll start off by discussing your intentions and desires. I’ll get you into a deep guided meditation to ground into the Earth and connect to the Cosmos and then measure each of your Chakras using a pendulum. I’ll wrap up by discussing your results with you, and you’ll receive an Energy Recap via email.



    uplevel your energy system


    This 90min session is my signature session that measures the health of your energy body and provides a full energetic healing that realigns all 7 Chakras. Through intention setting, guided meditation, Chakra measurement, and Reiki healing, your energy body will reveal your unique pathway to healing. You’ll receive an Energetic Prescription via email with detailed information for your continued self-healing. 


    understand the energetics of your Soul’s purpose


    The Enneagram Sessions are my most popular offering, taking you on a deep dive into your sacred psychology — aka, the true energetics and personality of your Soul. This package includes a pre-recorded video lecture (60min), a diagnostic questionnaire, a 7-page custom report, and a 60min private coaching call with me to get a crystal clear picture of your Soul’s highest good and reason for being. Click here to learn more.



      tune into the energetics of your birth + life path


      This 90min session + custom 7-page report gives you an astrological analysis of the placement of the planets in the sky on the exact day, time and location that you were born, bringing profound insights on your strong suits, areas of weakness, internal conflicts, karmic paths, and an overall appreciation for the unique cosmic experiment that is YOUR birth and journey. This is also a great birthday gift for your loved ones!


        I have only been working with Kelly for a few months, but the change this work has made in my life is already huge. I feel more prepared and more confident to deal with stressful situations. There’s a sense of peace within me and in my life that I’ve never had before.  My eyes have been opened to the work that I need to put in. Even with and in spite of the struggles that I face, I feel happier than I have ever been.”

        KATHLEEN C.

        “Kelly is a powerful healer and communicator with spirit. We had many moments where what she saw and what I experienced during our session lined up — and I needed no more convincing than that. She was able to help me identify what about my life and self were healthy, and what needed work. The messages she provided me, things my own spirit wanted me to know, rang clear and true. All of the information I took away from our sessions I was able to use immediately and her energy healing left me feeling more whole. I am now able to sense the health of my own chakras, and through meditation, essential oils, and crystals, I feel more confident in my own spiritual healing abilities. Kelly’s influence has truly changed my life – I’m so excited to be on this journey!.”

        Rosy W.

        It felt like a whole new world had been opened up to me that has been there all along, but I just wasn’t seeing. It felt amazing just to have someone there to listen while my soul poured out. And I felt like I could really trust Kelly to keep what I was saying between us even though we had just met. I am new to energy healing, but it absolutely has made an impact on me.”

        HOLLY H.

        “My journey with Kelly started two years ago and it has been unbelievable. I had experienced energy healing over the past decade with other practitioners. However, I had no real understanding of exactly what it all meant until I began working with Kelly. She is so incredibly thorough and takes her time with each session, logging everything that comes up so that we can track my progress. Because of Kelly, I’ve been able to overcome traumas that nothing else had alleviated in the past. There have been so many different times during my life where I would look to different therapists and approaches to ease my heart and mind, and I can tell you, that in working with Kelly and with energy healing, I have finally found my answer. ”

        cat c.

        I heard about Kelly’s energy healing sessions from a family friend and was skeptical at first but I was at a point in my life where I felt as though I had tried everything and just needed to go for it. My first session was nothing short of convincing. As Kelly worked on each Chakra she mentioned that I may have feelings or sensations in the area of that particular Chakra. I did not notice anything during the session but on my way home I felt a sensation in my abdomen which is my Solar Plexus Chakra, which is where Kelly said I needed the most work. I thought I was just hungry but I realized well after I ate that I still had the sensation – it lasted several days! I was shocked. Since my session, I have noticed more confidence at work and an increased ability to express myself. It all seems subtle at first — but there is no denying that this is powerful work. So looking forward to my next session! 

        CHRIS M.

        “Being 9 months pregnant, I was feeling run down and anxious. I was looking for a way to calm and center myself. After my healing session with Kelly, I immediately felt renewed. She made me feel at ease with this new chapter of motherhood ahead of me. I felt more connected, not only within myself but also with my unborn daughter. Kelly made me feel empowered and ready to build a brighter universe for myself and my family.

        KRISTIE N.

        “Like everyone else, I’ve experienced various traumas in life that left me wanting answers. I wanted someone to tell me exactly what was wrong and how to fix it. I kept asking myself ‘How do I cope with this? How do I move on? How can I help myself?’ I’m that person who has spent hundreds (possibly thousands) of dollars on therapy, medication, gym memberships and various other things to help me ‘find the answer’. Within the first two sessions with Kelly, I found the answers I had been seeking for so long. She helped me to actually understand how all the tools I ever needed were within me the entire time. I’m so grateful to have crossed paths with her. Kelly’s healing sessions have truly changed my life for the better. I feel like my life has so much more clarity now than it ever has. I recommend her work to anyone who seeks to reach a deeper level of clarity and inner peace.

        EMILY N.